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Default Damascus, VA

I have noticed a change in my local stream. Last season where I had to beat the brush down to get in the stream, there is now a very nice 4ft wide path.
Last season when I could be the only one peering off trestles to look for those big resident trout, I have people ask exactly what Im looking for.
Last season where I occasionally stumbled upon the solitary angler, I now meet many. What is so wierd about these guys(and two or three girls)? None of them are from my area. All are out of state fishermen, coming to my town to fish my local mountain stream.
Now I am wondering if it is just an increase in popularity of the sport or if the stream is attracting more people. Ive seen the WHITE TOP LAURAL written about in a few magazines, but I never dreamed that this many people would come for it.
So, what do yall think: increase in sport or is it just in the water?

Oh PS has anyone ever heard of (or fished) the WhiteTop Laural.?

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