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Hey Plat Angler,
We made another trip back to the Soho today, hooked up on some good fish, a little slow. Non the less we hooked up on some fish, the largest being around 15" or so. *In reference to your canoe question I think it's definately possible to float the Soho in a canoe while generating. *We started out about a half a mile from the wiers and fished until the generator kicked in. *The water comes up pretty fast just down from the dam to where we were! *We were actually in the process of taking a picture of a brown when the water started rising. *We packed up and headed downstream about 2 to 3 miles to the road section to get some more fishing in. *We stayed there for another hour or so and the generated water finally hit. *We actually talked about how the water seemed to slow down quite tremendously at the road section. *However that being said, on the trip to the wier before fishing the same section of water (the road section) seemed to be moving pretty swiftly. *We weren't sure if they were pulsing the water in the afternoon and in the morning when we arrived they had run a full generator. *We have made it up there 2 times so I'm not 100% sure but it certainly looked like a devoted fly fisher with his trusty canoe could do pretty well! *I'd definately check with the other guys to make sure, but I do know one thing for sure, it's absolutely a great trout fishery and gorgeous scenery. *We learned alot more about the tailwater today and some other good sections to fish. *I wish we would have had a little extra time to spend exploring today, but we learn as we go....Definately makes things a little more interesting!

Good luck and plan a trip soon! *Hope to catch you around!

Hugh and Russ thanks for the help from My dad and I!

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