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Default Broke foot again!

Some of you old timers may remember just after the board started up I broke my foot in March and had to cancel a family trip to GSM. Well as luck would have it I broke the same foot (even same bone) last tuesday. Seems strange that in Sept. I hiked about miles up Little river above Elkmont, one month later i am walking down the hall in my house and snap a bone in my foot. Kind makes me want quit solo fishing in the back country, you never know what might happen. I was thinking about bringing Gaintfish up for a weekend trip this winter. Now it looks like it will be a limited acess trip around mid to late February. Is it worth the trip up or should I postpone untill April. Taking the family to the land of mouse ears in March. So March is out. I am assuming that that early it would be best stay down low and fish the Little River. Last time your suggestions helped. Again I am looking for easy acess. Metcalf Bottoms picnic area stands out to me, but is it open in february? Some of the quite walk can get a little steep toward the river. I also need big water so Gaintfish doesn't to fustrated hanging up in those wonderfull fly eating trees.
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