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He sounds like a true gem! I was introduced to fly tying and fishing small mountain streams by a guy that sounds very similar. He stood maybe 5' and no more than 150# soaking wet but had a deep, gruff voice. He grew up in rural Arkansas during the depression, became a hobo and traveled most of the Mountain West via boxcar, flew P-38s out of the jungles of New Guinea during WWII, then got an English degree and taught high school English for 30 years. He drove a 1969 Ford Bronco that still had the original shocks and muffler, hammer marks inside the roof from beating it back out after rolling it once, and no power steering or brakes. He wrote articles for local and state hunting/fishing magazines, helped start our TU chapter, and tied flies commercially for a while. Never saw the need for anything more than a Pflueger Medalist reel and rarely wore waders. Characters like him are what made our sport so rich for all these years.
I miss him alot now.
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