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Default Re: Reading the Water


I know this will be oversimplifying it, but this helped me greatly when I was just getting started FF in the park. I would simply focus on throwing flies anywhere fast and slow water meet. I would also look throw my flies in places where I would notice quick depth changes. When I would do this I was beginning to read the water without really knowing what I was doing. One of my favorite things is finding places where water goes from shallow to deep quickly. Big ledges on the bottom are fantastic spots to throw a big ugly nymph and hold on tight. Also, when you get to a section of water your about to fish, stand on the bank a few minutes and watch the path the bubbles move down stream. Wherever the bubbles go is usually where some food is going also. Lastly, after you catch a fish, take a second and analyze where you caught him. Was he in slack water or fast water? Shallow or deep? Were there rocks around that he was using? Was he using an undercut bank? Taking a minute to review where that fish was caught will open your eyes as to what to look for. I know this is taking a complex topic and simplifying it, but it really helped me when I was getting started.

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