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Two flies to pick up that LRO carries, the cripple, and the umpqua emerger. *Both great patterns I've had good luck with. *The cripple, I think would be a little better tied by one self due to the fact the peacock hurl usually comes unwound after the first or second bite. *A great fly none the less. *The emerger pattern is also tied in a sulpher which is also a great pattern. *You will have to pick up the fly at LRO I keep looking to see if Umpqua will ever update their site to display their patterns, it appears the link is broken. *Neither pattern looks terribly difficult to tie, but getting the right material has proven to be almost impossible. Can't explain it, but it has to do with the hurl, you will see what I mean if you pick the fly up! I've enjoyed fishing this hatch, this year and look forward to more responses!
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