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Default Re: Pictures from the South Holston River

Hi Chris, the fish was in very shallow water along the edge of the bank and there was no generation taking place at the time. I'm sure that there was some insect activity,(possibly BWOs or small midges hatching to some extent). That seems to take place all the time when the water is off. When the pulses are peaking or starting to drop, the Sulfurs will come off on some days. As I mentioned, we watched for several minutes and I did not see anything that looked like a fish that was feeding, unless he was trying to dislodge something. He,she kept returning to the same spot. We did not fish for it since I thought it was possibly on a Redd. It would have been a handful, had it been on the end of a line

GraFightin: I just got back from the South Holston and the river was very low today(as low as I've ever seen it). The fish were feeding on small dark grey midges and Blackflies. If the water is as low when you go up there, you'll need 7X tippet. Try a #18-20 BWO or a Griffiths Gnat as your top fly and a #24-26 Blackfly as your dropper. I wish you luck.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.

Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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