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Default Re: DH fishing report

I was one of the few on the Tellico yesterday. My wife encouraged me to burn a kitchen pass, so I took her up on it. I drove on up above campsite 2, was on the water around noon and fished until 4:30 or so. The last half of which was nothing but casting practice. Ended up with 5 bows, 4 in the 10 -14 inch range and one wild dink. I didn't see any BWO's, but saw quite a few midges and tiny little winter stones. Each of the fish caught was on an 18 or smaller beadhead pheasant tail. Saw a few splashy rises during the day, but nothing regular.

I'll probable try it again later on in the winter, simply because it is open water and we can fish it. As my father told me early on in life " I fish because I enjoy it. If I did this to catch fish, I would have quite years ago." I guess that has become my excuse for being an average (on a good day!) fisherman and enjoying it so much. Like father, like son.
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