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Sounds like you had a good time. I fished from the gate up with no luck at all. I hadn't been skunked in a while, but Friday was my day. No fish, but sure was good to get out in to God's great creation for a day.


Yep, I feel very fortunate that I caught anything at all, after reading the other reports, and coupled with the fact that I'm pretty new to the trout fishing scene. Most of my fishing here at home is inshore saltwater, where two feet of visibility in the water is considered "clear". It's great fishing - perhaps the best in the world, in terms of sheer numbers of fish, but there's something about fishing in these small, freestone streams that I can't put into words, but I just love it. It's like comparing chocolate cake to pecan pie...both wonderful desserts, but totally different.

I would love to sneak in a trip around Christmas, but I doubt we'll be so lucky as to have good weather that deep into December. I'll be in serious withdrawal by Spring.
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