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Default Re: What Vise do you use?

I own a "traveler" also. I've had one for 20+ years. I love it. I tie midges to small saltwater and bass bugs with it. I am very rough on it, tying where ever I am on the road. I've only had to replace an "O" ring holding it together. I actually used some round rubber legs as a "temporary" fix (lasted five years . I've been meaning to buy a "bigger- better" vise for home and leave the Traveler in my tying kit, but that hasn't happened yet .

Rfowler- contact Renzetti again, maybe Byron can give you a phone number? Most, if not all, flyfishing/ tying businesses been over backwards to satisfy customers, they need repeat customers the pool of customers is to small to produce a bad reputation.

'Tis the season to tie.
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