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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Well I have not posted in a while but the time is near for the Steelhead to run and I am getting antsey! I fished a couple of hours last Friday on Snowbird and caught a few pretty, wild fish! All rainbows too, one small male in spawning regalia! One hen about 13" and bright, things should start picking up with the full moon and the next good rain event. I am pretty sure I saw a nice fish in a big pool on the bottom hanging behind some suckers, but it spooked on about the third drift past it. The water is at a good level and clear (too clear in my opinion!) In the last two weeks the rain guage showed 3.75", no telling about the headwaters but the flow is good. Water temp Friday afternoon was ~ 45 deg. Caught fish on a Burkes aggrivator, size 8. Fishing was fairly slow though 3 fish in 3 hours. Could be the angler!
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