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Default Re: Egg pattern and streamer *flies --

I love em too particularly this time of year! I can work the oars too!
I use a six weight and sink most of the time with the streamers. I throw 2 and 4's alot but my biggest fish came on a size 6 Clouser variant with rabbit strip, epoxy coated tinsel body. Probably just happened to be the fly that was on at the time but I am pretty partial to that fly. Color is mostly olive.

I will throw them to the head of a pool or actually above it so that the fly has a chance to sink, then lead the fly with the rod to keep a pretty good connection for strike detection. Another tactic is to make a similar cast but allow a slight belly to make a j as the line enters the water. Always let the streamer hang for maybe 30 seconds at the bottom the strip back in short erratic strips to recast.
You can also stop the fly to turn it (light it up!)in front of likely spots, or fish (if you see one!)
Good Luck, Persistance makes luck though
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