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I have fished the Muskegon twice, so naturally I am an authority! The first time we went was in 2003 and we hit it right on the head as far as the weather and the Kings. We fished the first day and all were just hoping to catch a fish that day. Well by lunch we each had at least one, and actually I think we all had three or more (up to five) in the two hours we had fished. We then had lunch on a gravel bar in the middle of he river. It was tough. Our guide didn't have a high regard for the kings, he really preferred the steelhead. The steelies proved much more elusive...... A couple of us spent half a day fishing for them the second day and came up empty handed, though I did manage to hook a monster king with six lb tippet (close to 30 lb we figured), he made a half a dozen porpoising leaps and broke the line......... already well into the backing. Awsomely powerful fish, pure muscle. I will get some of those pictures out and post to photobucket, then to the site. We have not been now in two years, need to go again next year. About the 3rd week in October.
The second year we targeted Steelhead, fished with Matt Supinski's crew. It was brutally cold, the first morning it was 13 F. and the second 11 F. I melted the soles on my Chota boots trying to get the heat through them to my toes! That gray polypropylene felt is great stuff as long as you dont get it too hot, it becomes solid plastic if it gets too hot! We did the chuck & duck thing for the Steelies and that is no fun in my book, might as well use spinning tackle, it would work better for that kind of rig. My brother in law lost one at the boat as the boat was encased in ice and the guide slipped and one thing led to another and the end result was probably a 10 lb fish swam free with an estaz egg in his mouth. I managed one skipper which was maybe 22 ". Small for a steelie. When we go back I will mostly focus on the Kings. I really like something pulling on my line when I travel some distance to fish. The kings may not be as fast as the steelies but they are powerful and acrobatic, I too had fish twice take me to the bottom of the spool, our guide would not chase them either. His response was "break it off and catch another". He really liked the Steelhead!
Highly recommend the Mighty Mo. It may not be the west coast but it aint bad! They do get steelhead and some big ones (up to 20lb), but they are not so easy as the Kings. With a week to fish I would spend a few days on the steelies..........with a sinking line, no nasty chuck & duck!
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