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Hey Guys,

I am encouraged to know the salmon can hooked fairly. Maybe we were just there on bad days and the fish were not cooperating. We were fishing a green bodied caddis and I believe a black stone fly in tandem. Our guide did use some egg patterns but I don't know which style they were now. Our guide instructed us to high stick and set the hook at any time the line stopped which makes sense to me. We did not have any rod jerking takes.

We did not see any fish move to take our fly but we sure did see plenty of fish on the redds. You could tell the males from the hens very easily when they were on the redds with the bucks holding just below the hens and then moving in as she layed on her side to deposit eggs. Quite a thing to watch even if we did not catch any in a legal manner. By the way, the snagged fish was released after finding she was hook just behind the head. The one fish I hooked was obviously snagged and I applied enough pressure to pull out the hook.

To be honest, after believing we were only going to snag salmon I became much more interested in fishing for the trout we would occassionaly see holding just behind them. We had the pleasure of fishing Alaska for the first time this year and that was the basic technique we used there. I am still interested in salmon and may give it a go again next fall.

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Any time you set out on a new endeavor all the help you can get is useful. By the way Byron, our guide also fishes the PM and I would have loved to fished it also. If we get real serious I may give Chuck Scribner a call.

Tight Lines and Christmas greetings to all, gary <*))))><
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