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Default Re: Egg pattern and streamer  flies --

With all due respect to James, (the one that wrote that article) the article falls short on several key points. First, you need a boat, second, I don't use large streamers unless there is generation. Third, with the lines he's throwing (unless it's very slow and shallow) he's not even going to get a few inches under the surface where I usually fish. I fish bank structure some but I get more action from structure in the middle of the river)rock piles and shelves, sandy bottoms, creek mouths (and surrounding areas.) Certain areas on some rivers are better for bangin' the banks. When I'm fishng the middle of the river I'm trying to get the fly on the bottom and keep it there for as long as possible. I cast out beside the boat 90 degrees and count it down. I use lines that sink at a specific rate according to the water I'm fishing. I basically don't fish with anything less than a 350 grain during generation. After I make a cast I'll count it down to where I think it's close to the bottom. I'll use this technique over and over until I find some fish. I can lose as many as 10 flies on a streamer trip. Especially on certain sections of the South Holston. But a lot of the time I'll use 20+ pound test and it will straighten the hook. The key to finding big fish is to work as much water as possible. This means lots of casts with heavy equipment. It's very hard to do without a good oarsman. It's not for everybody but moving big 10+ pound fish is very possible. I've seen quite a few of these fish myself. I catch 4-5 pound fish pretty regular on these trips but I'm after fish much larger than this. A particular boat accounts for a lot in this kind of fishing. I'll have a different set-up when I return to it.

Troutman, I carry lots of different streamers in my box. None of them are popular outside of clousers. For anything articulating I'll use rabbit or use a Todd's Wiggle Minnow. Send me your address and I'll send you one of Todd's flies. They're like little jerk baits for flyrods. They can be hot or cold, though. As far as a shad or a trout pattern goes. I use both. Both can be very deadly. If you know of a shad kill, wait for the week after the kill is over.

This bow came on a rainbow puglisi pattern that's about 4-5" long to match the fingerlings TWRA stocks in the Clinch. Not a real big fish but it was around 25". I had my friend Jeremey (waterborn) fishing about 20ft off the bank. He was just flipping the fly, letting it sink a little and fishing it very slow. I've moved very big fish on the Clinch but haven't had any good hook-ups yet. Getting hook-ups on very large fish is extremely difficult. Like I was saying before, it is very difficult to fish this way by yourself. A good oarsman is very much needed. A boat with a motor is even better!

A friend and I get very serious about this kind of fishing. It will sharpen your skills to the point where saltwater applications are not difficult.
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