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Default Re: Egg pattern and streamer *flies --

I don't mind, Hugh. *That 'bow was probably around 22". *We've hooked quite a few that size and over while fishing together haven't we bud. * *Someone recently had a good explanation on why fish miss streamers so much. *He said that when they are looking up into the sun that they may be having a hard time keeping track of it because of reflection (sun.) *It makes good sense because I've certainly had more misses than hook-ups. *It's heartbreaking to watch a 5+ pound fish miss the fly.

I was fishing the Clinch one day on a certain stretch and had a big rainbow (6-7lbs) come up within 15 feet of my boat and take the fly. *I set the hook but it didn't sink. *I kept on fishing the rest of the float with that fly without checking it for dullness. *When I broke the rig down at the take out I noticed my hook point was dull. *Most likely from rubbing a rock or something else during the float. *Needless to say, I don't make that mistake anymore. *Always give your hooks close attention on these big streamers. *Big fish come too few and far between to miss one on account of a dull hook. *The next time I went out there Hugh was with me. *I was on top of the same stretch of water and a fish took. *I nearly flew out of the boat I was so excited, I was like a bottle rocket with the fuse lit before he took. *It was a much smaller fish than the big guy.

Yeah, Byron. *It's a good idea to keep those puglisi flies out of the sun. * *I tied some big 11-12" P-flies last year and took them by to show the gang at LRO. *I left them on the truck dash and they shrunk down to around 8 - 9". * I use those big flies for stripers, and somtimes trout. * *I had the opportunity to fish the Hiwassee for them a few times this year but I had to row (it was very tiring due to not rowing much this year.) *I did move one big stripe that had to have gone well over 25lbs. *I ran out of room. *He came right up to the boat and I froze the fly. *He put his nose on the fly and he then saw me move my hand. *Back to the depths he went. *Biggatrout (don) was shocked. *I'd really like to have more time fishing for them on the Hiwassee. *Other, smaller flies didn't move one fish.
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