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Default Re: Twin Ultralights I built for my girls

hey Griff.....the butt of my rod blank doesn't fit into the reel seat, did you have to bore your reel seat out or did it fit right out of the box

This was a kit so I don't know if they put the wrong reel seat in or if I need to bore it out, I'm leaning towards boaring it out since I want it done by Christmas......

what do you *think.......

BTW.....I just received the Ross Flystart 1 reel that I ordered from LRO for my daughter and it is really a great little reel for the $

When I built my fly rod, my reel seat fit right out of the box, in fact I had to build up some arbors with tape to make it fit tighter. I think Mudhole probably sent you the wrong reel seat. That blank should have a pretty small diameter. You might be able to boaring it out with a round file chucked into a drill (run it in reverse).

I would suggest calling mudhole and talking to them. They might overnight you the correct reel seat if you let them know it is for a Christmas present.

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