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Many of the tributaries to Lake Michigan have a fall salmon run. It usually starts in mid September and runs through October. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Paula and I like to fish early on when the "green" hot fish first come in the rivers. That's usually mid to late September. I've found the peak to be early to mid October. You will catch a lot more fish then. We use an 8 wt or 9 wt outfit with lots of backing and a reel with a good drag. They almost always take you deep into the backing. I've been playing with Spey Rods lately. I've fished the Big Manistee and the Piere Marquette (check spelling). There are a lot of good outfitters up there. We use Scribner Outfitters owned by Chuck and Linda Scribner in Manistee, Michigan. They can be reached at 231-723-6193 or e-mail Tell them you know us. They are fine folks. You can fish without guides in several rivers but on your first trip I would spend at least a couple of days with one of the Scribner guides. You will probably catch more King Salmon than anything else. They run between 15 and 20 pounds. You might catch a Coho or two and Steelhead follow the Kings in to eat their eggs. In the later fall the huge Brown Trout migrate into these rivers to spawn from Lake Michigan. I tried that once but the weather turned real bad. It was December. The Steelhead run starts in early Spring. Michigan is a beautiful state offering fly fishing anglers a smorgasboard of opportunities. Hope this helps.

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