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Default Re: Twin Ultralights I built for my girls

opps.....too late. I wanted to get going so I bored the reel seet out and took a rat tail rasp to the cork....all turned out fine so far. I just finished the bottom section of the rod, excluding the rod finish on the wrap, hopefully I can finish the top section tomorrow and then take a few days to apply the flex coat. So far I am excited about *the way it is turning out, the rod is a dark green and I've used lime green and rainbow on each wrap. I'm hoping my daughter is excited that it is hand built, she sure seems to enjoy the wading/fly fishing portion. Oh yea, I slipped the Ross reel on and it is a really nice fit for an inexpensive good quality reel......thanks Paula for the reel suggestion.....


ps.... the wrapping jig I built is working great........
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