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Default Hiwassee 12/10/06

The generators were finally turned off for a few hours so I drove up to the Hiwassee to see what was happening. *When I arrived, there were plenty of people already fishing but I found some nice water and rigged up. *There were lots of midges hatching with the occasional bwo and a few caddis. *I saw fairly steady activity on the surface so I tied on a parachute adams with a midge dropper and soon had a heavy fish roll on the dry. *Alas, my hookset was poor and I was left wondering about what might have been. *A few minutes later, in the same place, I had something heavy take the midge but failed to hookup again. *Finally, a smaller rainbow took the dropper and things progressed rather nicely after that. *I fished for a couple of hours and probably caught around 15 fish, a few of which took the dry and the rest ate the midge. *All in all it was a nice day on the river. *I just wish I would have seen some larger fish instead of a bunch of recent stockers. *
One of the 'bows...

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