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Default Re: Clinch fished well on Sunday

I fished the Clinch as well on Sunday from 2:30 -4:45. Fished near the steps below the dam in the Weir pool. I only managed one fish though I popped 3 off on the hook set! (tooo used to fishng 4x!) I was wishing I had had a tiny yellow midge dry as they were on them. I kept wondering if I should have put on some 7X as the water was glass smooth up there. The one I caught was a 15" male, dark with a little of a kyped jaw. Strong and healthy, took a couple of minutes to land and he bolted as soon as I let go!
Did 6X do the trick at Miller"s? That must have been the first time it has been off in a while, there were lots of people! There was never anyone any closer than 25 or 30 yards though.
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