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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Well I got to do alittle fishing this weekend and it was as usual; unpredictable!
Only managed about an hour's worth on Saturday, the little woman wanted to pick something up in my truck in Dillsboro. I am the driver of the rig (toyota T100!)
Anyway I started fishing at about 3;30 and by 4:00 had managed to land 3 fish. Probably landed those fish in about 5-10 minutes of finally tying on an egg pattern, below my golden stone fly. About a size 10 oregon cheese glo-bug. Caught those fish on 3-4 successive casts. They were hanging in the riffle above where I normally expect to catch them and the largest was a solid 15" male was right in the trough below a small creek mouth which I bet was feeding some warm water off the sunny hillside. I was using 5x on the dropper about 4' below the indicator and ticking bottom. I only caught fish on the glo-bug this weekend so they are definately looking for them and that tells me the run has begun!
I fished several hours on Sunday and had one 11-12" fish to show for it. The water was cold (low 40's) but the level is good the rain guage showed almost 4" in the last two weeks. With the rain this week and the moon phase coming on I would bet the run will get a good kick after the first of the year, seems I saw the moon should be full the 3rd of January..... I wouldn't bet the farm, but maybe lunch that the fish will be moving with the push of the high water and the moon.
Water is pretty clear as well, which I think makes them spooky. I really like to fish 3x or heavier because they will occasionally hammer the fly (and I tend to revert to the bass fisherman on the hook set.)
Merry Christmas and tight lines!
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