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In response to Griffs comment . Where do you come up with this stuff! If a fish could only drool. I can see him (Griff) going back to the same hole, with the same over hanging limb full of greenie weenies accompanied by a web of tippet. As his eyes peer to the water below with a big grin, saying to himself, "Yup, I got you boys fooled this time!" I don't hunt personally couldn't bring myself to hurt an animal, but I've always imagined this is what the typical southern hunter would say. That comment made my night always good to find the humor in things, even if it makes you madder than the devil at the time. Just can't get over the mental picture, decoys that's hilarious. Of course, this is probably the reason why my father and I haven't had any luck with that particular fly this year.

They have the hooks there as Byron posted, give one of them a shout and they'll point you in the right direction!
Merry Christmas to all, as a jolly fat man once said!
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