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Default Re: ripped off on the clinch

Is that XP a 4 or 5 wt and did you have the serial number logged somewhere? *I will keep an eye out as well, though the rod will probably be paired with some other reel so as not to be easily identified. *Hate to think how many rods I typically have in the back of car. *Sorry for the loss. * It will probably end up on Ebay or in a pawn shop.
I hope your Christmas Season goes better from here on out,
If it's the same fella that has been ripping off in the past, the big dummie will be out there fishing it, he was caught with 2 outfit's on the river awhile back thanks to an alert BB member from another forum.
I'm serious guys, i have the pic, if you'd like me to e-mail it to ya, get in touch with me ,
This is a local person with priors & someone that oughta be watched.

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