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Default Re: A few days in the salt.

A nice 16" Spotted Trout

Mark and his first Redfish of the trip

My first Redfish of the trip.

Of course we kept catching plenty of these.

Another pretty 14" Redfish.

Here's a pic of my dad and a nice 17" Redfish he caught.

A nice fat 17" Trout.

The biggest trout of the trip. 19" on tape.

My last fish of the trip. Another fat 17.5" Trout. Notice the bug spray.....without it we would have died from blood loss.

I like to give a special thanks to Byron and Paula for the hour or so worth of instruction and tips in the shop before the trip. Like I was saying, we were just hoping to look good trying it but with the tips....we had some good success in catching fish too. Thanks guys. As usual, you guys rock!
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