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Default Re: A few days in the salt.

We statred off on the first day with sinking lines and little success. So we changed up to floaters and weighted flies.

After trying several patterns, we found that an olive and white clouser was the right ticket. Any size clouser from 4 - 10 would work.

Fished with a slow, slow strip....allowing it to sink and swim across the deeper slots.

We really never looked back much after finding success with the clouser. However, on day three I did land a couple of nice fish as I was playing with a large rabbit strip pattern I've fooled around with for the large tailwater shad eaters.

Like I've said before, I would have had a blast just being out on the boat and going through the motions......having the great fish action was just icing on the cake.

We're already planning a return trip for this spring if we're not too busy on our local waters to break free.
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