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Default Re: ripped off on the clinch

Hey Grumpy, If you have the picture of the guy post it for all to see. So long as Byron, Paula, and Daniel don't have a prob with it. It is public information and can be posted. I've seen the thread on the other boards in reference to this particular knucle head! Seems like everyone on the other boards weren't sure of the legalities of posting a booking picture. My personal opinion on this matter is that any one who does something stupid and gets caught in the act she have their picture posted for all to see! Especially those whom have been convicted of such crimes. Public information consists of the person, crime, bond, court date and time, and that persons home city. As a matter of fact I just remembered something! You used to be able to log on to Anderson Co. Jails Website and watch live feeds of the jail, from the pat down room to the booking area pretty cool when there busy. I'd try Sunday night around 1030pm thats when people get crazy in blount county anymore! Sound's crazy but it's the truth!

It's a pitty to see someone take something from a fellow fly fisher. I've heard so many stories of fly fishers helping new fly fishers out, even giving them flys, suggestions and giving up honey holes. Fly fisherman in general are usually apt to volunteering time to various organizations such a trout unlimited. That being said I'm sure for the most part most of us would just about give someone the shirt off of our back to help some one out!

On more serious note, I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and I look forward to reading more stream reports from you all!

Merry Christmas
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