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Default Guided Float Trip

Allright let me get right to it! I got a pretty awesome xmas present from the family! A guided float trip on any east TN, or western NC river system! So my question is this, Which river system would you pick to float and why specifically that river system? Keep in mind my father and I don't regularly get the chance to float and this will be our first ff float trip. I want the trip to be an educational one. I know every river system has it's differences but i'm looking for the one that contains everything from etomology to river specific techniques and technical ff. Basically I'm looking for the key (river system) that will open the pandora's box of all river systems. Which river system offers up the most and why? I know it's a broad question with many possibilities and I'm sure any river system would be good I just would like to get the most from this trip.

Oh I almost forgot to mention this trip will probably be in the early spring but I'm open to any other suggestions!

I certainly look forward to any responses from the great message board group!
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