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Default Re: Guided Float Trip

Fishermansfly, you have really asked a lot from one particular river system. There are several that could possibly fit into that catergory, but---they all have their own particular little nuances that can make them special at a given time. The thing that is going to be a real problem in finding what system is best may be weather and generation schedules. We could point out the ones that are special to us and if the water levels are high and TVA or the Army Corps says "we've got to dump some water" then that system will not be so good. I'm going to step out on a limb and give you a couple of rivers that will probably be the best systems at the time of the year that you mentioned. Those choices being mentioned, there is still the possibility that another river may be better at the time you get ready to fish. The Holston River below Cherokee Dam will be my first choice. A close second would be the Hiwassee River. Right behind that would be the Watauga River. All these choices might change if the trip is done a little later in the season. Each of these rivers are special and have their own ecosystems and fly hatches. Some of the others are just as good if conditions are okay at that time of the year.
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