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Default Re: Guided Float Trip

'Bout ready to throw this brand new laptop out the window I have tried 6 times to post a reply and each time the overly-sensitive touchpad sends my reply into that great junk heap of unfinished replies in cyberspace before I've finished typing it.

Giving it one more try.

Let's broaden our search parameters here. What I think Brett's really looking for here is a question of etiquette. What's the best way to approach a full-day guided trip?

Having fished with Brett almost every weekend this past spring and summer, I can tell you that what he wants more than anything else right now is to tie into a large (16" - 24"), wild, brown trout That was the primary inspiration for the gift certificate. In a way he's looking for the most productive water, but what I think he really wants to know is: What's the best way to use a qualified guide?

Do you tell them what you hope to get and then just follow their lead? Do you ask them to cover as much water as possible in one day? Do you tell them that your heart's desire is to hit a Smoky Mountain grand slam in the same honey hole on only three casts?? Do you ask them to work on a specific style or technique such as nymph fishing vs. dry flies? Do you ask them to critique your casting or your ability to read water?

In short, since this isn't a class we're talking about, how have you folks handled this situation - i.e. your first guided trip? And we'd also like to hear from some guides. What's your favorite kind of client? Fully-knowledgable? Somewhat knowledgable? Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced? Do you prefer a client who gives you a goal and then defers to your expertise in stalking and capture or would you rather spend the day in a give and take with a clent? How do guides function best??

Input from all, please

Gerry Romer
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