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Default Re: trout and cold water question...

BHPrince, air temperature and water temperature do not always reflect the same values. The air temperature could have been as cold as you might have thought it was "ie.30s" and the water temperature could have been several degrees warmer if it had just rained and the rain had come up from the South causing it to be several degrees warmer. Paint Creek is home waters for me and it is usually considered slightly warmer than creeks in the Park, therefore we usually fish it much later in the winter along with a couple of nearby Spring Creeks.. Also, the upper part of Paint Creek is open to Farmland and housing. This allows the sun to hit it and warm it a degree or two before it wanders into the Wildlife Management Area. Once you get inside there, the stream is surrounded by steep cliffs and high terrain. This keeps the sunlight from getting to the stream and may cause the air temperatures to really be a few degrees cooler. Once the air and water temperatures have had time to come together, which can happen in two or three days, you will see the effect of cold water temps causing a slow down in strikes.
Glad that you guys caught some fish.
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Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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