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Default Re: Guided Float Trip

Were getting warmer! *My father has hit on a few key points. *It's a broad question I know. *A fly fisherman can agree with me on three levels: 1st It's great to catch a large NUMBER of fish, 2nd It's great to catch a LARGE fish, and 3rd and what I feel better than either is, It's great to be the only one on the water with the knowledge and experience to be landing fish when no one else is. *Don't get me wrong fella's I love to see everyone on the water catching there fair share of fish just as much! *It's good for the sport! *I love to see some of the old guys and some of the younger guys get out on the water and never miss a beat dragging in fish after fish making it look completly effortless. *Always puts a smile on my face, maybe not at that particular moment when i've been lobbing and whirling flies above my head all day without the first fish. *I guess what I'm really trying to say is, it isn't particularly about a large fish, that day will come, but a technical river system that offers up constant change in stratagey, technique, fly selection etc. *After thouroughly thinking the questions through in my previous posts I'm come to reasoning behind my questioning. *One river system, the Clinch. *My father and I have mad several trips to this tailwater with minimal to moderate success. *When ever you ask a fly shop about technique and or fly selection the first reply you hear is "Well it depends on where your fishing." *So that being said my father and I have really only tackled the wier section to the face of the ****. *Maybe that will clue some of you all into what i'm trying to say. *

So what I'm really truly asking for is a tributary that offers up a strong challenge with many variables like changing water and properly reading the good hides, a change in fly selection from section to section. *A true anglers nightmare tributary, yea.....that's what I want.

Basically I'm looking too take a lot or even a little expierence gained from a more technical tributary that will allow us apply those moments of experience to shine through in another tributary. *Another notch in the ol belt as they might say!

An early happy new year to every one! Cheers and thanks to all of you for your many well thought and well phrased reply's! *I always look forward to logging on and checking what you guys have to say! *Special thanks to Hugh, Fowler, KYTroutman, KC, and Troutman for your input! *Look forward to some more replies hopefully, maybe, this will help! :-/ :-/ :-/
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