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Default Re: Colorado Fishing Trip

Hey P.A. you know how to make a fisherman jealous. I was thru Colorado in Nov. but was traveling I70 and the only spots I had quick access to were closed for the month to fishing...bummer.
I have fished the Yampa in Craig, the White in Meeker and the Blue just outside of Silverthorne......I used my 5/6 on all of these occasions and it worked great. If you can take 2 rods I would go with the 4 & 6. If you have to go with one I would go with the 6wt. Look at the bright side, if you only take one and the quide says *you really need another weight rod, what a better reason to purchase.......surely the wife would understand that . I've not had the chance to fish the S.W. part of Colorado but it sure looks incredible. I did get to travel some thru Gunnison *and prayed for my truck to break down so I had a reason to stay for a few days ( at company expense) but that darned ole Ford just kept running .....

have a great time, take lots of pics to show us, and enjoy God's splender while you are out in the wild.....

Heaven seems a little closer .........on a Smoky Mountain stream.......
Jeremiah 29:13
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