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Default Another first, the SoHo

After trying the Clinch recently for the first time, I wanted to fish the South Holston. Today was the day and it was a good one too. The weather was excellent and the fish were active. I met up with Leinart in Knoxville and we drove up to the river. We got there just as the generators were shut off and fished as the water fell out quickly. I soon had a good fish on which turned out to be my best of the day. It was a rainbow which took a zebra midge. Minutes later, I had an even heavier take but the 6x tippet popped before I could get the fish on the reel. We explored a bit downstream and the fish stayed active through the day. Late in the day near sunset, the surface activity was absolutely phenomenal. The river was just boiling with fish taking apparently microscopic midges. Before I fish this river again I will tie some MUCH smaller midge imitations... Even though I caught fish, I still felt humbled by this river. The fish were not easy and I spooked most of the best ones. One fish left a wake big enough to make you think twice before wading again... . Anyway, thanks again Dan for showing me the river!!!

Here's a couple of pictures from the day...

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