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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Happy New Year!
It's lunch time, so I will type while I eat my Taco Bell! I think I actually lost a little weight over the holidays because I didnt eat this junk for a couple of weeks!
Anyway, more important matters, and I will post pics in a day or two. I can say the lake fish have shown up! I didnt have alot of luck catching them, but they were in plain sight in a few spots. One pod we found had about 30-50 fish from 12" - 24" plus! Couldnt get them to eat though. A fellow I fished with stuck and quickly lost a monster on an egg pattern, the fish slashed (head shake?) the surface and was free. He said he had it on long enough to think; " I am severely undergunned, then it was gone". The fish had swam toward him when hooked, he said he really didnt want to talk about it! It went right back to the spot it occupied before being hooked!.... and displayed lock-jaw after that. These fish were staging about a mile above the lake..........evidently waiting for something (the moon and water to rise?)
Sunday the fishing was better for another friend who had come up from Atlanta to fish. He managed to land 4 fish in about 3 hours; 21", 19" and (2) 11" . I only managed one in that time, it might have gone 13". We fished from about 12:30 to 3:30 at which the water started to stain and rise. I think the fish got their signal Sunday though, we fished in a downpour. By New Year's day the rain gauge showed 2.75" had fallen and the creek had risen nearly 4 feet over night! By Monday afternoon the creek was nearly fishable and the water nearly clear. Today and tomorrow should be awesome if anyone can get there.
Oh and so much for my glo bug statement; he caught all these fish on BH wooly buggers below and indicator(size 8-10), This is why I almost always fish a big bushy fly for the weight and drop the egg off the bend.
Tight lines!
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