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Default Re: Signs along the South Holston River

I'd be interested in seeing some work done in the states on this stuff. I've read some articles on resarch over seas regarding didymo. I believe it was posted on a thread somewhere on the board. I believe RFowler has the link! I'm sure some one some where is doing research on it! From what I've read and based on what I've seen I hope that tailwater doesn't end up with the same result as on the clinch. Last time I fished the Clinch, we fished right at the jail and it was absolutely everywhere! Makes you wonder where it originated? I would think that people fishing the lakes above the tailwaters would need to take the same precautions! I can't tell you how many times I've been at the launch and watched people waiting to launch their boat and unload the old stagnant water from thier livewells or pull the plug from their craft to let out the water that seeped in from the last time on the water. Not to mention I just cant see someone spraying their brand new gelcoat boat with 2% bleach water or even taking the time to do so. Don't get me wrong prevention is great, and sometimes all we have to hope for, but there is always someone to mess something up for everyone else. Scary stuff non the less and I begin to wonder if this is the decline in good fishing at the Clinch. I believe I've heard a few of you all make that comment before!

If anyone has got some more info on research being done post it I'd like to give it a gander!
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