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Default Re: Suggestions for Sea Trout in Tampa Area


Now, to tell you the truth I think a Speckled Trout will hit just about anything.
That is definitely true - and at times it really doesn't matter what you throw at them. However, there are other times when you almost have to "match the hatch". I'm thinking in particular times like May/June, when the brown shrimp are thick. The trout, at least the school trout, are looking for that shrimp, and nothing else. Breton Sound here in Louisiana is notorious for finicky trout, which is why a lot of people here are live bait fishermen that time of year.

I would like to come up with something for fly fishing that is similar to a casting bait that is popular around here, called the "Speckulizer" is a weighted, rattling cork with a plastic shrimp suspended about 2ft down. It simulates "popcorning" trout. Brown shrimp burrow in the mud on the bottom, and the trout go down and root them out, driving them to the surface. The trout smash them there, and the gulls hammer them from above; fishing "under the birds" is a blast. Anyway, I would like to come up with something for a fly rod that would present a shrimp imitation, yet also have this surface noise stimulation just ahead of the fly. Perhaps a big popper, with the fly trailing as a dropper...hmmm, maybe I'll have to get into fly tying
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