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Ah ye that distain the "poor man's redfish". I have caught the 10# brown (pictures to prove) and I have caught an 8# redfish, all on flies, but for a real blast one needs to try the lowly carp.

One method of course is Calhoun's. I stumpled on a rather quick and effective fly by tying on Lefty's Indicator in white (or was that biscuit color) to a stout hook and casting out while the native childred chum them up while hanging out over the railing. Be careful not to hook said children of father that might be packing.

Number two and of course the most challenging is the "Willow fly" hatch that takes place on many lakes around Knoxville and the South. Carp will cruise the shoreline looking for shucks and duns. The "old rubber lip" beast will selectively snub a bad immation in a New York minute. So don't go without large flies that float well, and the ability to cast in front of a cruising fish without spooking it.

Thirdly, one needs only to check out this website to not feel quilty about fishing for and catching carp. If you would like to book a trip in and around July let me know. I would gladly do it for half price of what these guys go for with the same kind of boat. I guess you think this might be a joke, but my friend in Washington state that has flyfished for 25 years couldn't quit asking about carp when we meet up this past summer.

Here's the yourself a hat, feel proud, and go fish, just don't touch!

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