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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Well one more post and regrettably not a whole lot to report. I am not having alot of luck. I am certain the fish are there, I have seen many. I am not holding my mouth right or something. My fall-back excuse is that the water was really high and off color over the weekend. There continues to be alot of rain falling in the area and the creek is/was running high and more importantly fairly off-color. I met a guy from Atlanta on the stream, he is building a cabin. He said his builder's wife landed a 31" fish over the New Year Holiday. If I can substantiate that one with a picture :-? , I will post it! For me, so far this season, a 15" fish is the best I have managed, not a bad fish, but not what I am looking for this time of year! My buddy from Atlanta's 21" fish is the best I have actually seen this year, and may well be the best fish I see this season, need to get that film developed.
If the rain holds off for a couple of days the creek will clear and levels get back to normal fishing should improve . It may be good anyway, I just may be me having a run of bad luck........?! Wish I had better news. If anyone else gets over please post your results. I can't make it over this weekend.
Anyway tight lines,
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