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Default Re: tying flies vs fishing

As much as I'd like to be more creative at the vise, I just don't have the time...tying is more of an ends to a means for me at the moment, its more convenient to crank out what I need when I need it (plus a feeling of accomplishment of catching fish on my own ties) far as the theory of tying in winter and fishing the rest of the season doesn't really apply hereabouts - The serious fly fishers here are out in the winter 8-) we live in a year around fishery, you can usually find something to fish year round if your willing to layer properly and be smart with the changing winter weather when it calls for it, rarely do you get a full blown trifecta : blown tailwaters, blown smokies (abrams included), and messed up dh (yes, even gatlingburg)- there is water somewhere if you're willing to look for it and travel...
so my box stays pretty bare cause everything is a la carte becasue when i do have the free time, I want to fish - hitting the vise the night before is the usual m.o.
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