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First, let me thank all the people who showed up today at the Fly Tiers Seminar and say how much I enjoyed meeting all of you. What a great crowd of dedicated flyfishermen. I hope that I got to say hello in some way to each of you and if I didn't, let me say it to you over the board. I hope that something good was passed on to each one of you in some constructive way. We all owe a great big thanks to Byron , Paula, Daniel, and all the employees at LROs for helping provide such a wonderful atmosphere to meet and share our love for flyfishing and flytying. You all, sure made my day by the interest that you showed and the friendship that you conveyed. Hopefully, this class lit a spark of interest to anyone that is considering this beautiful addiction called "flytying". I look forward to meeting each of you again, sharing a fly pattern on the stream, and telling of some special trip that we have experienced as we go on down this beautiful road called flyfishing. Good fishing to you all.
* *Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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