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Default Re: white bass and Hybrid Bass

I know exactly where that spring comes out of the cave. I have caught a ton of fish about 50yr down from that cave. Used to be able to go up there in the late 80's and ware them out. Life happened boat got old and had a few costly repairs needed and Gainfish showed up about the same time. I went up there last year a few times. Too many bait fishermen sitting in the middle of the channel.
I have to tell on myself, put new steering cable and wheel on my 85 hydrosport, floated it off the trailer started it up and backed out. It seemed to handle a little strange, got up on plane going about 40 mph went to turn right the boat went left. If you have fished this river you know that it is so narrow that turning the wrong way can make you wet your pants. shut the boat down, used channel locks and one philips screw to pull the cable and put it the right side up. Putted back to the ramp and went home to change my pants.
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