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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Well .......... Fishing for me was tough Saturday. Could have been several factors (excuses) but the biggest reason was the water temp (I'm guessing). I did miss several short strikes on my streamers and landed nothing on those. Switched to a floating line, nymph rig and had no more success until the sundown. I ended my day and the biggest run on the creek (to my knowledge), one which is deep in the middle on the outside of the bend of the pool then becomes shallow as it runs into a riffle. Anyway I chose to wade out at the head of this thing and then wade into as I can and then then feed a long drift into the deep middle in one of the two current seams which are apparent in the head of the pool. This tactic makes for about a 90 foot drift, paying out line as it goes and ends with the fly about 70 feet below me. I had at this point given up on my stone egg rig and tied on a fly I saw last week which looked good; a hare's ear tied on a size 6 or 8 salmon egg type hook with a big copper bead at the head. Between the bead and the heavy short hook I had a fly which looked about like a size 14 with a big hook and weight. You may think I'm crazy but I have to sell myself on these things or I never catch a fish! I tossed this little jewel upstream about 20" to start the drift, mend drift, (man my feet are cold), checked the thermometer which I had dropped in a few minutes before, it read 40 on the mark, warmest of the day! Anyway watch the drift, slow............not quite as slow as the drift above the weir on the Clinch, but slow. All of a sudden the indicator goes down slowly, set the hook! (way too much slack because of the snake s's in the line) There is life on the other end and it feels pretty strong! Strip, Strip cant go to the reel for the fish is swimming toward me. Well anyway, I lost at the net, a decent bow, 13-15" range. Well at least I am awake and hopeful, who cares if my feet tingling!
Try it again, this time at the bottom of the drift, probably 2 minutes the indicator dips again I lift (make that rare back like the bass fisherman trying to get past the slack) Another fish; this is the one I am looking for the 6 wt is double and the tip is dancing with the head shakes of the big fish, get to the reel, arrrgghh he is running toward me, strip feverishly, he turned still there, then he ran toward me again and I couldnt gather the slack quickly enough and gone. **!!XXXX !!!!. Finally the light goes on and I check the fly, it is barbless. I really don't like barbless hooks, not until I have landed at least two fish! The fly works though, its getting dark and my hands are cold. The fly stays. Two more casts, drifts and I hook another, not as good but not bad, a nice bend in the rod. Finally I land one, a 13" brown. I lost one more fish before it was getting pretty dark and cold.
I bought a paper while there and there were two pictures of fish in the paper, a 23" brown (noted as 6 1/2 " top to bottom) log, big hook jawed male. The other fish was a 22" rainbow! So others are having better luck than I! Such is life.
Make the trip if you can. I will be over there next weekend again. Persistance is my ace in the hole!
Tight lines and have a good week.
Cross you fingers for some mild weather Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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