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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Three glaring things I noticed. *

1. *Slot limits are being imposed on several streams except for the tailwater with the most pressure, the Clinch. *

2. *"Review trout management stategies at least every 10 years for effectiveness". * Ten years? *Which one of us gets to check every 10 years to see if we are doing our job to the satisfaction of those that employ us, which in TWRA's situation, is the anglers who pay their salaries.

3. *I was AMAZED at the number of trout that are paid for from our licences that are sacrificed at city ponds and special events to "increase the awareness of trout fishing". *I thougth that is what food stamps and TNCare were for! *How many of those folks actually go and buy a licence, do stream improvement, or for that matter RELEASE JUST ONE FISH?

How do we get these good old boys out of TWRA and get some fresh thinkers? *Can we not hire a trout fisheries biologist with ties to the West, or for that matter Arkansas, were trout management is more than scheduling the trout truck deliveries? *

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I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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