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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Flat Fly n,

I agree with your ideology but I have to think that TWRA is thinking and acting in the best interests for all user groups. I especially agree with #1 and #2. Any tailwater, or stream for that matter, that has the potential to be trophy water, needs to be managed that way. I've seen fish after fish 16-20" leave that river on a stringer, many times. I think the current poor fishing on the Clinch is a result of many different factors but I believe overharvesting is one of them.

About #2, I'd like to see them do it every 3 years. Tennessee has some rich waters so playing around with different regulations makes sense to me. I would like to see more public parks along the tailwaters for access so implementing different regulations could/would be better received. In other words, harvesting would be allowed in these public areas and special regs could be used more on other parts of the rivers. But I've heard that can be a problem with land owners. I have a problem with any land owner having precedence over anglers as a whole. Actually, the prospect is quite ridiculous. After all, do the math and see where most of the money is coming from. It's not the land owners. They don't own the resource so I don't see the issue.

From my own personal experience, Tennessee, even currently, has fantastic fishing. But I agree that could be even better, without it costing much, or any, more. With the exception of public parks, that is.
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