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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

The land from the weir dam to Norris dam is owned by TVA and NOT held privately. *Why not make that C&R only, artificial only, and have that area to grow big fish? *Some would stay in the area, some would go downstream to be kept by those that want to keep fish, or for that matter TWRA could shock and remove some of the fish for transplanting to other parts of the river. *Wait, that would take a thought process or someone in TWRA to come up with an original idea that might be "outside the norm., or not popular" to a certain subset of fishermen. *

Imagine if you had an area that was probably over a mile long were one could go and possibly catch AND release a 6-8# bow or brown, or for craziness stock brook and cutthroats (as in the N. Fork White River, Ark). *Can you imagine having a fisheries similiar to the San Juan in New Mexico? *How much money could residents, hotel owners, fly shops in and around Anderson county could make off a fisheries? *TWRA already scalps out of state folks for a 3 day stamp, why they could charge double for a shot at a trophy fish from the Clinch.

I quess we will have to wait for 2017 to "study the situation again". *Ten more years of surveys paid for by licence holders that only benifit the PhD's and not the fishermen. *(I have vast experiences with grants and funding for projects).

My point is that once the Clinch produced alot of big fish and was a popular place. *Since the new stocking programs and now the plan seems to just flood the river with 3" fish, the numbers of big fish has declined, and the number of fishermen has decreased. *So if they are going to continue the present stocking program, at least give us some regulations that will aid both fishermen and fish.

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