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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

The land from the weir dam to Norris dam is owned by TVA and NOT held privately.

Flat Fly'n

I don't remember making any statements to the contrary, Flat. Remember, I agree with you. Please read above. I would love to see progressive regs on our productive waters in Tennessee.

I first noticed a change on the Clinch in the spring of '04. That's about the same time didymo showed up on the South Holston tailwater, and, if you can believe it, some rivers in New Zealand. Coincidence or part of something much deeper? I'm puzzled by this stuff. Could be that it was on the Clinch at that time as well. Following poor to good fishing on the Clinch that summer, the Tennessee Valley, among other places, got hit by the remnants of 4 hurricanes. TVA ran water for 6-7 straight months, after that. I did several floats in the spring of '05 and the fish seemed to be concentrated to certain areas. It was only in the early summer that I noticed that the fish had become more spread out. My theory is the fish moved to areas where they could feed more lazily, without fighting constant 4500-9000cfs during that Fall and Winter. Plus, from what I've read in reports, TWRA was conducting a capacity study on the river. Combine pressure, didymo, heavy releases, lots of little fingerlings, and you'll get poor fishing as a result. Unfortunately, I have not been able to spend much time on the Clinch since July of '05. But from what friends are telling me and from the few times I've fished it, it's still not fishing good. Especially on the upper river. Now I do feel that TWRA could better inform us that care on things concerning the Clinch. But to put all the blame on them because of the poor fishing is a little unfair.

I had to come back to Georgia in the summer of '05 to help my family. I long to be back up in Tennessee, I truly believe its the best fishing state that lies east of the mississippi. Add it's proximity to saltwater and it may just be the best there is. I don't think some of you realize just how good you have it up there. I'm curious if there is any way that we anglers can better help the hard working people at TWRA. Maybe they would/could benefit from solid feedback instead of biased misunderstandings. Although, I don't recall seeing any rangers doing angler interviews on the Clinch, or anywhere else, for that matter. Maybe the distant relationship between anglers and the TWRA can be be a thing of the past with some favorable introductions from the groups that care the most. I would hope that would be people like us. I know I personally find it harder to let people down if they favor me.
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