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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

You keep stranger hours than I do. *Posted at 1AM? *

You didn't make a "statement to the contrary". *I threw that out for a general statement to those that assume that all the land around the Clinch is privately held. *About the hurricanes and big CFS, I am no engineer, but I always heard that water flow was laminar, therefore, the bottom should have been protected.

Now that masses of munucia(sp) has been thrown out we continue to agree that East Tenn. has some incredible trout fishing. *Is it because it is managed well, or because we have an abundance of protected streams from GSMNP and surrounding Cherokee NP, as well as the luck and luxury of cold aerated water discharged below dams built by TVA since the 1930's? *The trout fishing is one reason I have stayed in this area since moving here in 1986, but that does not mean I am willing to sit ideally by and watch our fisheries get passed by other states regarding progressive measures such as C&R, slot limits, and god forbid creel limits. *

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