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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Flat Flyn,

I was involved somewhat in the controversial catch and release move made by TU in the early 90's on the Clinch. I went to some of the Tennessee Commission Meetings mainly to give David Buxbaum and the Great Smoky Mountains Chapter my support. I can't remember if you were in on that too. If the land above the weir is owned by TVA, then why didn't TWRA or TU think of that at the time. Seems to me that could have been a compromise that the landowners, sportfishermen and baitfishermen could have all lived with. I think there is a TU, TVA, TWRA meeting next weekend. It's usually held at TVA headquarters downtown. The TWRA biologists in this part of the state are all friends of mine. I've done a lot of volunteer work with them. Great bunch of guys. I talked to Jim Hebera just a few weeks ago. I think they may present a new management plan for the Clinch soon. Also, the TWRA Commission meeting was held in Knoxville maybe a couple of months ago. I was urged to go but couldn't get away. Commission meetings would be a good way to make these points known. Also, we have a new Wildlife Commissioner in our region. It's their job to listen to suggestions such as this and support their constituants, people like us. This is a great thread. Keep it up.

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