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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

I was at the TU meeting at the old country club that was beside west town mall before it all got developed. *At that meeting the two fellows trying to push through the "trophy section" did NOT want the above the weir area secondary to very poor dry fly fishing. *It was not Dave B. by the way. *They tried, pushed through the Peach Orchard to Lluelyn Island (sp) trophy section, that eventually got removed by LUCRO a few years later. *

I can't say as I blame the guys from LUCRO now that I have grown up a little during that time. *I would not want someone else telling me I could not take my kid fishing on my own property and not have him keep fish if he caught them. *This is not the issue above the weir.

I would like to know if there is anyway some of us could go to these meetings to voice input. *I swear I will not drink caffiene that day, and bite my tongue until it bleeds before I speak!
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